I loved this Joe. I have had my grandkids for a few weeks so I couldn’t write with them here. They are small and a lot (lol). I’m glad to be back.

Now, I would like to ask you to expound upon performative allyship they way you describe how White allies co-opt or reshape our movements to make them more consumable for White people. This is a very important piece to allyship that often derails any movement we have. I don’t think White people understand what co-opting and allyship looks like to us today. If I write/talk about it as a Black person I come off as angry, bitter, racist, and hateful.

Allyship has a token-like, performative feel to it which is why I dislike the term. It’s like giving trophies to everyone who showed up to participate for a ball game even though only a few deserve a trophy.

Being a freedom fighter is not as glamorous a label as being an ally. As you’ve noted, when you’re doing the right thing it encompasses a lot of activities, your role as a good white person can change at any given time, and you and other good White people speak up ALL THE TIME because it’s the right thing to do.

BLM is about freedom and Black liberation from white supremacy in America. If White people considering themselves allies get to think of themselves as tag alongs or side kicks (i.e. Batman and Robin), they are let off the hook by not working as hard as they could/should because they believe it’s our responsibility to free ourselves from white supremacy.

The victims shouldn’t have to shoulder such a burden.

If you could and if you feel led to, would you please share your views/experiences on allyship? I trust your experiences and I value your thoughts. I believe you have a good grasp of what being labeled an ally is like, why you believe it’s inappropriate, and if possible provide some examples on the inner-workings of psuedo allyship.

I believe it will be very helpful to White people who gloss my comments before reading my work. I’d appreciate it. I’m trying my best to reshape the thinking of people who don’t get what’s happening. I have a short period of time. Being a good white person is hard work, it’s uncomfortable and it’s taxing. Having the label of ally does not share the same burden. We need to talk about it more thoroughly I believe. I thank you in advance.

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