I loved your perspective although I felt like a criminal for a hot second不不. I agree White Supremacy has been the worlds biggest scam for centuries. Its sad that pride and emotions keep the masses from seeing the criminal/conning few, but I guess its human conditioning to aspire to live as criminals and cons do. We do not take into consideration, the amount of work it takes to con a person, which make the con even more tragic. Its hard work perfecting crimes like these, and the criminals play the long game. Most people are too short sighted to see the end results. Like the way we view public policies instituted by the government.

I see systemically, and White Supremacy isnt even good for White people, but theyll never admit it because theyd have to admit you are wrong, and theyd have to take inventory of the centuries of carnage globally White Supremacy and White rule is responsible for.

So, we are in this vicious merry-go-round we can never get off of. Your con scenarios are so thorough. I bet you have some interesting stories about gullible people. Its pretty scary to read about let alone witness.

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