I must admit, before I left the evangelical church (one with a White pastor from Iowa of course), he talked alot about states rights. It was tied heavily to the Bible and why it should be good. Me working in the public sector new it was a crock of shit based on all the reasons you’ve noted above, but still — like a hypnotist I was inclined to believe state’s rights would be better than national laws and rights. I thought of it from a religious and historical perspective without thinking about how it would impact me racially (being from the deep South where poverty and ignorance lingers).

People really don’t understand the code behind the use of state’s rights. I’m pretty sure about it, especially the poor People of Color. I’m not so sure about poor Whites and their mindsets.

In any event, I think we need to have more conversations regarding the racialized aspects of state’s rights rally cries and how people of color would have less protections and more segregation. It’s bad. It would be like Brexit trying to figure out how to get started, and there would be mass migration. As a person of color living in Florida, I can’t hardly take the racism and segregation now. If this state bowed to states rights bullshit, I’d be headed north like a bat out of hell. This is no place for people of color. If you’re not White or Cuban, you’re SOL.

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