I notice it happening in commercials too. Suddenly (since 2009 the “post-racial” Obama era) it’s fashionable to have a token black with an afro amongst all of her White friends in a car sales or retail outlet ad. Or how about Cheerios and other popular brands of food and clothing retailers with interracial couples. What really kills me is a company will advertise the same household product, but to two audiences. When targeting their White Market segment, they have an entire family. A traditional husband, or sometimes the “stay-at-home” dad with little children being cared for and they all sit down and eat, picnic, clean, do laundry or play together.

The Black women are always single moms, doing everything and eating alone with her children, or talking about how hard it is without their pappy to clean the house. The Black men are usually featured in traditional roles, with White women and interracial kids.

Since Obama, it’s cool to sprinkle more minorities in commercials, but the subliminal messaging, stereotypes and scenarios are gross. The agenda are clear. ..and some of us aren’t buying it. Good ready as always. I love how you bring it. Keep it saucy my sister.

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