I raised my kids in a small town and I dealt with this all the time when my sons were in high school. White people wanted their kids to get all the accolades in any print paper. They paid journalist under the table to make sure their kids got the sports front page covers, and that the sports their kids played in got top billing even though they had fewer following.

White privilege permeated everything including the PTO. I had to really fight to ensure our kids were covered by school photographers and the local paper. White people were always stealing the shine from Black student athletes as if they didn’t do anything worthy of being in the paper. Funny how it’s always “too much” if Black kids are in the paper for something good, but White folks are just fine with their children being in the paper all the time. The bias in small town journalism is real, and it prevents many good kids from getting out of those places. No one can find them due to all that light being shined on whiteness. Thanks for sharing your personal story on how media bias and conspiracy racism works.

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