I read that mess and kept scrolling. She didn’t know her Blacks, but Denzel knew his Whites. He knew the very well as a matter of fact.

Denzel appears to have come from an era where he clearly understood his value to Whiteness and how it works. He also appears to be a Blackitty black man like my daddy who didn’t allow little off tahe cuff remarks and erasing of his being/accomplishments slide. He’s like a James Brown “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” kinda man.

White folks love to lump us. When he unlumped himself, she was offended-hence here we are talking about her feelings instead of her lack of cultural competency, her lack of respect for such an accomplished actor, and her lack of self-awareness during that time back then as well as now because clearly she hasn’t reflected on it enough to consider maybe it was her. Maybe she could’ve been and still is implicitly biased. It seems an emasculated Black man is the only good Black men for White people. I believe it stems from slavery. Whites are not afraid of those kind of Black men. In some way they can connect. But that old-school brother like Denzel who knows his Whites…you’re not handling him any kind of way. I’d love to hear his side of the story. I know that he knows enough about Karen’s though, so he will not engage. He is likely never going to address her fragility or correct her. She wants to remain relevant, but picked the wrong Black man to do it with.

Meanwhile she’ silent on Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose. I’m sure she has vivid, cringeworthy memories. I can’t with her.

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