I read the entire article and completely agree. My degree is in business so I completely follow everything he’s saying. I live in state (FL) that touts zero income taxes, yet most people here are living in poverty and can’t afford basic necessities. We also have the largest majority of old people in the nation here and they are struggling. We are so selfish and so backwards we are doomed to fail. I have been preparing my mind and my home for a collapse for a few years now. Sadly, I can see things usualy 2–3 year before most people can, so I know what he’s saying.

There is no going back to normal. People believe picking Biden is going to help, when he’s going to be only one branch of our government. We need a Congress that will work and it is going to need a total cleansing of all current politicans and nearly all Republicans. They represent the old America and that’s the problem.

We can’t function the way we have and people should start preparing for mass starvation, homelessness, and decades of high rates of poverty. We’re poor and we keep supporting corporations and politicians that keep us in the poor house. At some point, we’re going to have to wake up or take the poverty we’ve elected for ourselves with grace. This next period is going to be ugly. If people aren’t preparing for a national collapse and poverty, I don’t know what to say for them. We’re not going back to what we used to be. Both parties AND selfish voters are to blame for our current state. We need to take responsibility and begin cleaning house.

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