I read your piece.

First, let me say I agree with you about the fact we should recognize that all individuals have unalienable rights. I also agree with you on the fact that America has no room (or tolerance-my words not yours) for the complexities of the Republic which was designed to protect the individual’s inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Unfortunately, America has NEVER been fair and was built on taking the rights of some so that others can have the right of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Secondly, your piece failed to address a number of the issues or place blame on the group responsible for creating identity politics — White men. Who created these rights, and who decided who received them? White men. I’m speaking under the identity given to me and my parents by Whiteness.

Blaming me and calling me racist is blaming a victim — a descendant of people who did not have rights. Remember, Jim Crow only ended in 1964. It’s not like all the kinks have been worked out ya know! Please don’t expect something that was around since the 1800’s to poof be gone in just 55 short years. White Supremacy is a strong motherfucker to kill or cure!

I notice you omitted details about how Jim Crow still not only lives on today in the South, but also all over America. Jim Crow is in Oregon, Seattle, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Boston - not just the South. Your piece makes the case the only place that was racist and practiced identity politics is the South. Nothing is further from the truth.

Additionally, People of Color, every group immigrating here have had alienable rights. The groups never had personal rights held bestowed by law, custom, or belief. America either took away or never gave some groups rights.

Some groups have been able to get into the graces of Whiteness and achieve inalienable rights (i.e. the Irish) who in turn took their rights and used them to alienate groups who were still oppressed (i.e. Blacks). Just look at Boston.

Identity politics has been used to start and end wars, determine who gets educated and where they are educated, determine who could serve in our military (and still who leads each branch), who runs for public office and who gets elected, where people can and cannot live based on identities, etc. Based on labels and identities, Whiteness (specifically White men) has always been able to decide who gets to be equal and who remains unequal.

America is an identity nation. No one bitches about that fact more than the people who create the racial and socioeconomic constructs used to identify each and every person in this nation. Don’t blame me, a victim — blame the makers of identity politics. It wasn’t created by slaves and it wasn’t perfected by Blacks or other minority groups. Identity and group politics were been created, perfected, condoned, upheld and regularly exploited by Whiteness. Identity politics is simply an extension of America’s original sins, slavery and the killing of Native Americans. Identity politics clearly and concisely define everything this nation was founded upon — men (people) being separate and unequal.

People of Color will not be silent about our desire for equality based on our identities, nor will we stop calling out the people/barriers to all equality. As I said in my piece, America hates equality.

People of Color will not stop discussing our grievances based on our identities until we see a change we can believe in.

Lastly, no one seems to care about the Republic as long as the Black and Brown natives are tolerant awaiting this promised equality (the equality in the Declaration of Independence that says all men are created equal). According to the Founding Fathers, all men weren’t created equal based on their actions, not their words. Some of us were 3/5ths of a person if you recall! America is rooted in inequality.

As soon as we Black and Brown folks get restless and start demanding equality, we are told we are destroying America and that we (the ones who were given an identity based on the colors of our skins) are being racist. We absolutely cannot win! America has only been a Republic for some men, White men. Admit that.

You should tell White men about how inequality is destroying the Republic you love so dearly. The creators of identity politics should devise a plan to make us all humans instead of skin colors , and then apologize to the people who have been negatively impacted for generations because of their labels.

I’ll keep warning the people about all the dangers and distractions that come with seeking equality.

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