I really appreciate this essay. I have a friend who has a daughter that attends a predominantly White school and she has developed an eating disorder because she’s always scrutinized. Her mom is a 6ft tall Black woman and retired special agent. Pretty fit. Her children don’t have “White girl” bodies, and it’s a problem that White girls feel the need to address with her. Apparently so much she decided to become vegan, was purging before meals, and is constantly struggling with yo-yo dieting/weight gain.

I am so tired of European standards being “the standard” for beauty, health, and fitness. Everyone who has body fat isn’t healthy. Everyone who is skinny or muscular isn’t healthy.

And some people can have healthy body, and unhealthy brains. People obsessed with other people’s bodies fit into the last category. People have enough problems in life without worrying about being judged for their bodies. White women should stop imposing their beauty standards on others. And if they are, put their money where their mouths are. Buy people healthy food. Make sure they have access to good food where food deserts are. Pay for gym memberships and doctor appointments. Tell their White fathers, brothers, uncles, side-pieces, and husbands to give women jobs that pay good so they can have resources to eat better, live better, and take care of themselves. Cheap food is sometimes the best some people can do.

Maybe some people are ill and meds are causing weight gain. Thyroids? Maybe it’s something hereditary. People aren’t all born perfect like this rich White women meddling in other folks’ business.

If they aren’t going to help the women they are judging, they should shut up and mind their own business.

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