I really don't know the next steps. Rooting out the base is like trying to gather ants from an ant nest with your fingers. It's impossible.

I would like to add amendments to the Constitution, create a separate entity to prosecute White terrorism, begin punishing racism, and make antiracism education apart of all publicly funded K-12 education annually.

I'd also like to invest in some desegragation efforts. Our tax dollars go to alot of initiatives that we don't benefit from. I'd like to see us have a say in things we need and want that don't involve White gazes.

The bad thing is when we do try to do things on our own, we get white rage. White people don't like us to have nice things. White people aren't going to change so we've gotta find a way to connect those who see the value in diversity and equity to Black people trying to do things to liberate themselves from White Supremacy.

Unity is great, but let's face it. It's not really possible in America. Freedom is what I'm promoting, and that freedom isn't anything America has ever been interested in giving us.

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