I really enjoyed this. I often find people are so confused, so misled, and so misleading during this phase of life. Some of the stories remind me of my ex husband. Met him a church. I was semi fit, he was fit (ex-military with hereditary heart ailments I’d learn later). He was 10 years older, we both had kids the same age.

It started out good, but I quickly learned I had made a mistake. I was in my sexual prime when we met, and he was not. As we aged, our bodies changed. His python stopped working and I lived at the toy store, surving with online porn.

We need to get back to the reality. Aging is aging. We can run from it all we want by staying fit, marrying young, dating young, etc. At the end of the day, these relationships are often strained because we live lies. We want fantasies and our wants are not based in reality. We want youth forever. America is one of the few nations in the world that doesn’t respect aging. We need to check our expectations and understand what we’re getting into marrying older men.

My ex’s body started falling apart and he started taking it out on me. Even said I was trying to kill him because his body was breaking down and mines had not (yet). If I had it to do over, I’d rather have a companion my own age. If I want wild sex I guess I could have wild sex with a strapping young buck or buckette, but I know for certain maturity wise that person is likely going to be incompatible with me, causing me to be miserable.

We don’t talk enough about the risk we women take thinking older men bring safety and security. Oftentimes we become their home health care aids, maids, nurses, and private sitters. Our lives dashed because we had a false fantasy about aging. Wonderful, realistic essay you have here ma’am. Thank you for sharing it.

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