I really enjoyed this. I’m happy you listened to your daughter’s need to see herself and recognized her discomfort. I often wonder with some interracial families if they recognize that empty look in their children’s eyes because they need to see themselves.

I’m used to do social work and I can’t tell you how many times little biracial children living with White moms and grandparents would instantly come to me, sit on my lap, touch my skin and hair, and just talk because they were so happy to see another person who looked like them. Representation matters. The children also experience a lot of racism which leads to peer pressure. I applaud you. It’s a parent’s job to read their children and to know what they need. You did a fantastic job and likely saved your daughter’s life. So many parents get it wrong, making life difficult for those children when they get older.

Thanks for sharing this. Your story brought back old memories.

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