I really enjoyed this and as an older, seasoned bi woman with wanderlust, my female partner and I struggle with the same issues when we travel. We love traveling to Brown places (the Caribbean) but homosexuality is taboo, so we act as friends although we do get those salty looks when the hotel staff notices we share a bed.

It is extremely difficult to travel and not be able to share our affection for one another, and people tend to assume we are hetero (both men and women) when we are together. Traveling while black and bi is quite the production, but we don’t let it stop us. We research where we are going, we respect the culture of others, and we deny ourselves. Such is life. Being Black in America has helped me deal with the things I can’t do. I have traveled to Barbados, Exuma, Nassau a few times and I’m planning to travel to South America. I won’t allow my sexuality to stop me from enjoying life and seeing the world. Ever.

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