I really enjoyed this essay and learned this a few years ago. Cops are extremely biased. My partner is retired “elite" federal and she refuses to acknowledge biased policing, cops lie, and the fact you can’t continue to be a good cop watching bad ones and consider yourself good. Silence is consent. I make it known cops are never to be trusted.

She even corrected her 12 year old Black son when he said the police lie with indignation. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Cops are biased and as brainwashed as career soldiers. It’s a sad site to see and hear her tow the line on that good cop bullshit into retirement. We just watched When They See Us, and she was making excuses for her former employers behavior. It’s almost like a gang or a cult. Power does strange things to people.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. White Fragility🚫| www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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