I really enjoyed your essay. It demonstrates how ignorant followers of this nonse are. The points you make are so obvious for anyone sane with common sense. I went to a semi-conservative evangelical church led by a White pastor for a few years. I heard all the things about the courts, gays, blacks 11 years we see today. I left when Obama was elected. I was shown what conservative Christians were all about. They called Obama the antichrist, yet Trump is the chosen one.

White conservatives in my old church called Obama and Muslims everything derogatory they could conceive. Many black folks chose to stay and submit to bigotry and hate language spewed in our symbolic/token “multicultural” church setting. I did not.

Their hearts had been revealed.

Lots of weird and seemingly functional mentally ill people follow these conservative leaders, but also lazy people who hate thinking for themselves. The leaders of these movements are nothing more than bigoted con men and women who have found old ways to divide new people using new language. The tactics are the same. I left religion all together and I can really see how evil it is. I have enough things controlling my life that I must contend with. I didn’t need religion governing my personal life. Your essay sees right through conservative nonsense. Good job!

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