I really struggle with reading trans stories as of late because they are often stories of dejection, depression, sadness, and victimization most of the time. Sometimes I have to go find inspirational trans and queer family so that I can see and hear the good. I love Sylvester, Sir Elton, Freddie Mercury Jermaine Stewart and many of the other queer and trans family gone too soon. They give me hope, they make me happy, and for a little while they take the pain away making the world better. I listen, I dance, I sing, I smile, I rejoice because they’ve paved the way for us.

We owe them a debt of gratitude. We need to get to the next level in the fight.

I love my trans family, but the people need to see and hear the good, the spectacular, the grandness, the splendor, the diversity and the fighting spirit of the trans community. We can remain defeated, sad, and complaining…or we can fight. And learn to fight in new ways…strategically, and economically. We must evolve. I know you’re tired. Me too.

Get some rest, and start back fighting. Our trans forefathers and mothers wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep fighting!

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