I really think we need to talk more about the personality disorders and narcissism, as I believe narcissism is deeply entrenched in feminism and many movements/bodies that have been led by certain White people (i.e. the very White led LGBTQ movement, state governments, etc.). Everyone should be required to take business and accounting in school. Some things taught in those courses would help many of us see through bullshit and not be swindled by marketing ploys and false advertising. Marketing 101 is a great help in spotting trickery with words and picture causing us to make impulse purchases we often regret. Some company comes up with a gimmick sells us a dream and we toss our money at them like men at a strip club making it rain (lol).

I was flying home from DC yesterday and on the plain I loss count of the products and shows pitched by White women, especially vacation commercials to the Bahamas (puke). White women have been put before us to sell any and everything — especially blonde ones. A blonde woman making Kraft Mac & Cheese, dancing and swimming on the beach at a Sandals resort, Maybelle and Cover Girl makeup, IBS and cancer medication, even damn car insurance. It’s easy for a blonde white woman to swindle people out of their hard earned money money. Corporate America has used Becky for decades to part men (and women) from their money. White feminism allows Blonde Becky to do the same thing, except now she does it for herself and she’s trying to break that glass ceiling (the all boys club in tech).

We have a fascination with charismatic people. Even if you can see through their bullshit, we have been trained to be hypnotized to believe their words with corporate marketing and television/magazine marketing. What makes a White blonde woman so much more trustworthy? We can’t even answer that can we?

Greed is another thing that ensnares White people. Every. Single. Time. Their love of money and being attached to the “next big thing” that can make them popular and rich they’ll follow off the cliff. I watched the Madoff story and I felt no sorrow for the people taken to the cleaners. They chose to give up their hard earned money (that bird in the hand) in exchange for a bird that might be in a bush. That’s GAMBLING. I’m amazed how White people will cheerfully give their money to a finely-dressed, good looking White woman or man to gamble away because they are greedy. White people turn over thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to a narcissistic, con-artist, White person (because Whiteness is priceless) and don’t give it a second thought. Meanwhile, see a Black man walking down the street and they have to cross the street so he maybe won’t take their purse. Who is scary to White people is so interesting to me. Holmes knew her people which it was so easy to swindle them (lol).

Who they believe and what they believe speaks volumes to me.

The moral compasses of these people are irretrievably broken (those scammed and those doing the scamming), and as long as they continue to love money and enjoy the fruits of inequality, these stories will continue to happen. What motivates them is wrong.

I see greed and narcissism in feminism, the LGTBQ movement, religion (Evangelical and Prosperity teaching), business, education, the financial sector, public/civil service…it’s everywhere. It’s up to us to redefine who is a thief and a crook. After 4-years of Donald Trump, we really need to take a good hard look at Whiteness and what White people will do for money. Donald Trump, his kids, Holmes, Madoff, Manafort —they are all the same types of people. White collar criminals, bigots, narcissists, liars, and con-artists.

My question is why can White people see Black and Brown criminals, but they can’t see their own White (white collar) criminals, especially when they are rich and blonde? Why is it they have no problems discerning when we are bad people (i.e. Trayvon Martin) walking down the street minding our own business, yet they can’t tell the investment guy, Joel Olsteen, Jeff Bezos, the Walmart Family, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Holmes, or Mitch McConnell are crooks?

Racism…that’s why!

White feminism is a dangerous. It is entrenched in greed and inequality. If you look hard enough, you’ll see the con. But it knows how to market itself wonderfully.

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