I skipped right by this story minding my own business lol. Well I think people should do whatever floats their boats, I just don’t see why they would ruin their lives if it was so good by putting this on reality television. Nothing survives reality television except maybe Trump I suppose. I’m old school, and I believe there are some things no one should know about — and your relationship is the number one which should be off limits!

Putting people in your bed and bedroom is asking for trouble. Trust.

I have explored being a part of a poly couple’s relationship some time ago and the thing I always picked up was the jealousy of the woman. It was always so drama even in the talking/getting to know you stages. Like you, I dislike drama so I took a pass on engaging. Also, people are looking for “help.” The women want help with their kids, maintaining the home, with bills. Ummm, no. And women are jealous. I just don’t want the drama.

The whole process was very uncomfortable to me when I was considering it. The seekers were so secretive (understandably), but I found the men would always do the reaching out, bringing the “fresh catch” to the woman. Their selecting processes are very degrading, requiring lots of photos, conversations, coffees and lite bites, and lots of hearing about their (her) preferences and needs. I felt like a piece of meat in a grocery store.

If the female in the couple wasn’t pleased, then the guy couldn’t have the woman he had chose, even if he desired her. Being married or committed is enough to deal with. Add kids into the mix and that’s an entirely different set of circumstances people aren’t really prepared to address. Two people have problems meeting each other’s needs over an extended period of time for goodness sake. lol

There are a lot of sites to find a third partner if that’s what they want, they don’t have to go to reality television to show us something our culture already knows. They are looking at cashing in on screenwriting and being on television. Please people is a difficult task. Show me a happy couple that’s been poly long-term. Poly, with kids, and happy! I see the looks on those women's’ faces. One woman is always happier than the other. Sometimes neither woman is happy but the man is. The body language says a lot. Open relationships is cool, but poly is drama (for me).

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