I stopped reading articles about the caravan because they had foreign domains. They would be the first to pop up in a Google search before American news, and there were no news stories written by American press on the caravan’s progress. Something is sketchy about news these days. So I check for propaganda before opening links when possible.

As for the Dems…I really think they are going to screw this opportunity up. They are already sending the wrong message. The old rich white folks are backing Pelosi out of fear or out of “she’s in our club” while the young-uns aren’t able to come in and bring about the change we voted in. You’re right, Bernie was a popular as Obama, and is most times on the right side of history. If they screw this up… there won’t be any recovering from this. Progressives and people tired of the status quo will flee in search an alternative. ..except it won’t be one because god forbid privilege and White Supremacy allow an alternative!

The old timers on the hill haven’t done anything in 20–30 years. Give it up and move on. We need change…and I want to see a reflection of America…not the Dem nursing home.

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