I sure haven’t stopped to think for one second about your question because I already know I can’t be racist.

I can only be biased, and that’s highly possible, but because I am a victim of racism, I’m extremely sensistive to making sure Idon’t treat other racial minorities the way I’m treated byracist White people. I also intentionally place myself into situations where I’m an ethnic minority to experience other cultures.

Have you ever stopped to think that you should stop to think before you ask a question because it might be stupid?

If you know where the term racist is derived from, have read America’s 400+ year history on its relations with Black people (Google is free), understood the power structures involved (again, Google or visit your local library), and you read my essay to discover I AM BLACK living in America, you would have already used your critical thinking skills and deductiive reasoning to realize I’m not racist.

You most certainly wouldn’t be asking me such a stupid question in my comment section about stupid racist things White people say, now would you?

Geez you can’t make this up

Since you don’t know what racism is, I did the work of finding you a good place to begin your journey. When you know better you’ll do better.


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