I think most White women are addicted to power and/or the proximity to power White men have. They benefit directly or indirectly. They know better. They see. Nobody is signing up to give up anything they have attained due to White Supremacy nor to be on the bottom of the of the heap with Black folks. You’re missing out on the role of White female slave owners. White women were greatly involved in slave owning, a past that explains their attitudes about Blacks and people of color. Read “They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South” by Stephanie E. Jones-Rodgers.

White women have a connection to slavery, capitalism, and helping develop what’s called the American economy. Black people were the primary sources of wealth for many White families. They used slaves for their social and economic empowerment. I think you really have an angelic view of the role White women play and have played in upholding White Supremacy. They are no different from White men when it comes to their attitudes. Just like White Supremacy and patriarchy is taught and passed down by White men, the same attitudes and teachings are passed down by White women.

It’s a family affair, and White women don’t get any passes in their past and current behaviors from me.

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