I think the immigrants who don’t end up in the 1% or in careers that America deems the cream of the crop (i.e. physicians, college professors, techies), are ashamed that they believed the lie America sold to them. Sometimes they believe here is still better than where they came from. Others are faking it until they making it. These immigrants are beating themselves up for being unable to assimilate instead of realizing how America treats its children is inhumane. It hard to admit your purchased a dud. The best way we can help others is by sharing our truths so we can help them avoid mistakes we made. It’s being a good friend, a good citizen, and a good human. I just love you. You say things most immigrants would never say to me and I love it.You’re not afraid.

We need to hear America isn’t imperfect. Certainly we all need to know we are not “the best.”

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