I think the messages of MLK and Malcolm X appear to be simplistic because there messages were not for White people. We don’t need all of the words that White people require. We know what they meant. So while the messages may appear simplistic, they were really deep.

The difference is like praise and worship at a White Evangelical or Southern Baptist church and a Black Pentecostal one. The God is the same, the messages and the praise and worship are different.

Black folks don’t have to use words when we sing hymnals. The moans of the singer says everything we need to know about the song. White people require lots of words to describe any and everything. I’ve even had demands I need to cite things to prove stuff to White men. Just because it’s not presented in the style you prefer doesn’t make it true. I’m sure I may come off as a radical, but I simply see the world for what it is. I’m a realist and I don’t sugarcoat, placate, or soften the truth to make it palatable for those choosing to believe this nation’s propaganda.

White people are going to have to come to the realization that they’ve been lied to, gullible, and selfish. They will to have to do something about the inequality, injustice, and unfairness Black people have been forced to live with. White people are going to have to believe we’ve been taxed for generations and we’ve no had representation — ever. The first Black President was the president of all, for White people.

There are just somethings plain to see and easy to comprehend for people with common sense. MLK and Malcolm X had the same experiences as Black men in America. They just had different ways to address America’s hatred of Black people. I once agreed with MLK’s message. I agree more with Malcolm X’s message now. America doesn’t give us anything. We must fight for everything. This includes dying for our freedom. It’s nothing new, it just is.

The main problem that I see is that White people hate to be wrong, hate to feel convicted with the truth presented to them, and they hate sharing the wealth, privilege, and land they’ve stolen. Acknowledging the truth means you must do something to make things right. It’s not enough to just acknowledge America and White people were wrong. Now White people must do something about it. White people don’t want to fix anything unless the benefit from it (hence voter suppression concerns in 2020).

The hyprocisy is there for the world to see and it’s in everything for those who want to see it. Black people aren’t crazy or angry. We just tell the plain old unvarnished truth and folks hate to hear it. The truth isn’t radical. The lies are.

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