I think the motto is if you don’t adapt to changes in technology (and business) you get left behind. You can leave and go to other platforms, they will eventually change and/or go away too. Nothing stays the same. Not only that, people are fickle. I have been a social entrepreneur for quite sometime, and to put it nicely, there is nothing sexy about what we do. We aren’t giving anything away, and if while there are lots of readers of quality content, there are more readers of trash and it appears social media sites love to promote worthless content. When you got to social media, you’ll be competing with big fish their too.

Not only that, some people don’t want to go all over the place registering to different sites just to find you. I think our readers and writers are very special people. They are the ones bringing us to the big dance. Adapting to change, pleasing your readers, doing what you love and making money is a balancing act. You’re a business, a brand, and a writer, Not just a writer. I think you’ll be fine whatever you do. You just have to decide what type of businesswoman you’re going to evolve into. I enjoy Medium. I left social media to come here. The quality of the engagement is better.

I could never engage on social media like I do here on Medium. Unless it changes drastically, I’m here. Just wished it wasn’t getting so difficult to find my favorite writers. Best wishes on whatever you decide to do. I love your writing.

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