I think the older some of us get the more we realize how toxic feminism is to our well-being (that’s how it was for me any). Feminism is indeed toxic. It is also inescapable. From clothes, to hair, to products we consume, how we are taught to talk, to how we are treated growing up, society gets to frame women. When we refuse to conform, we’re punished which essentially works to validate toxic feminism. For most women it’s easier to conform to it and bring other girls and women into the fold than to buck the system.

Feminism is as powerful and abusive as patriarchy.

I liken toxic feminism to religion. Let’s say Western Christianity for example. If you’re not in, then you’re out. You also have those in the fold placing their fingerprints on things non-believers use outside of the fold. Before you know it, religion is entrenched in many things we come in contact daily. Being feminine is not a choice because we don’t have control. Not choosing toxic feminism makes life a little more difficult, and who in the hell wants that. So we take the path of least resistance.

Great piece. I loved the examples provided.

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