I think they were taught it before they arrived. There are plenty of immigrant groups who have impressions of Blacks they been taught by our very own State Department. I can’t tell you how many people from different parts of Africa have asked me racist and stereotypical questions about Black people. When I tried to explain structural and institutional racism they would rattle of white conservative talking points. I was pretty astounded at how such educated people could be sold out to racial stereotypes and segregation, but they were.

Everyone comes here wanting to be betten than Blacks without understanding there is no such thing.

White supremacy has done a number on Black and Brown people around the globe. The propaganda spread and exported about Black people by our own country is a pretty amazing. What those immigrants didn’t know is that white supremacy can revoke your white card at anytime. They all are going to be N-words before it’s all over with. White supremacy only respects white skin, white rule, and their version of white purity.

At least Black folks know where we stand in the big scheme of things. Those immigrants are the ones who are late to the party. They all learn what America thinks of them though. They all eventually learn.

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