I think you’re correct. Because I haven’t lived to see our civilization rise and fall I must rely on civilization examples older than ours. Your words ring true and It’s very interesting to watch America turning into a 2nd world nation. The rise of White Supremacy is undeniable, but the root of the latest is confusing.

No one stops White people from having sex with each other to procreate. So why be mad at others if your group’s size is dwindling. Just have more sex,make more babies…boom, stay in power. It would require White men to be sane, appealing, and likeable, qualities that clearly are shortcomings of late. Hence, you get fewer opportunities to procreate with your desired kind.

Secondly, White feminism gave White women other choices besides being a house wives or stay-at home-moms. Today’s white women want their own money, careers, and property because let’s be truthful, most White men are shitty to everyone and will do whatever to ensure they are covered personally regardless of how it impacts the wives child, nation or a community in general. White women have to fight within their own group for equality and equity. Doesn’t make White women want women want to be with White men…no babies. No future power grabbers and privilege seekers.

Now they are in decline. Whites rise in anger against usaround the globe, when truth be told they are their own worst enemies. Leave other nations alone, stop destabilizing them, and for godsakes stop raiding and raping them.

Well what do ya know, people can stay in their own nations. People can find ways to maintain their own civilizations, and nations can do what they’ve done since forever…play nice, respect boundaries, and share the earth.

Other groups will eventually get their comeuppance due to the greed and past sins of Whiteness. The Chinese will not be any better to us Blacks than Whites. We will still be in the minority, still disrespected, and oppressed by a new oppressor. The only benefit we may see is the old oppressor finally falling on their own swords. They have lived by it. We shall watch them die by it.

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