I thoroughly enjoyed this essay and I have come to the same conclusions. Equality and equity among all human beings should be the goal. Attaching myself to any label other than equality is supporting patriarchy, White Supremacy, classism, and inequality. I never cared for feminism after studying it. Even looking at the pictures which is representative of the movement — it glamorizes a good old White girl club. They are all either happy and smiling or angry and radical — which is cool except the faces look the same.

It’s nothing more than a low key country club for White women. I’m team human and in support of equality and equity. It takes all kinds to achieve that, and many people fall within the confines of inequality (White, Black, poor, disabled, the elderly, children, immigrants, Women of Color, housekeepers, adjunct professors, etc.). You made a wonderful argument about why Black women should stop drinking the feminist kool-aid, as it hurts us and aids White women in their White Supremacy pursuits. If White women don’t understand why feminism is not good for us, that’s their problem. We need to look out not only for our interests but also for the interests of all those without voices and oppressed.

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