I took my day to appreciate we could get out the vote enough to beat back White Supremacy. I was happy when she came out with her subliminal messages like the music she chose, and seeing her Black family members after the speeches were over.

But that wore off, because I remember how White people reacted on the streets locally once Obama took the oath. The disrespect, the name calling. It's like racist White people all over the country changed and turned into vampires. They'd say all sorts of things I knew they harbored in their hearts all the time, but the approval of the collective Whitelash and White rage allowed them to say it loudly, proudly.

White people also took their Whitelash out on us via microaggressions. White people really have no clue how White treat us. We've been saying it for decades. Hopefully you'll get to see what America has always been to us. It's always treated us like shit, never protected us, and used intimidation and fear to maintain the social order. They are still the majority, so I expect more of the same.

More people voted for Trump this time than the first time. That just means more Whitelash for us. Oh joy, oh joy, oh joy.

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