I totally agree Mia. Biden should step aside. I hate him picking a woman as a running mate to clean up any mess White men have maid. We shouldn’t be used as the help. Like you I believe Biden showed his hand with his casual, off the cuff remark. I don’t know why mediocre White men insist on leadership roles they know they are incapable of handling. If you’re culturally incompetent, you cannot lead all people, you can only lead your people — even then some people aren’t cut out for that job.

White men trying to get us to believe they have our best interest at heart is so old. We see right through them and we’re not pretending it’s okay anymore. This is a matter of life and death for Black and Brown folk. If Biden picks a White VP, I’m certain many Black people won’t vote for him. It’s a lose-lose situation for him and us. This is a terrible predicament to be in, and the Democratic Party is squarely at fault. They continue to ignore the changing demographics. It just goes to show us how entrenched White Supremacy is in both parties.

We need a new party. The two old ones represent the old America. We need modern parties that will embrace new ideas and compete with the status quo. I’m here for it and willing to help with laying the foundation… if we survive this. 😞🥴😵

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