I understand, but we can’t continue waiting on the people responsible for creating the systems to feel something and change. The system was built and remains because people compromise their souls to work for a devil to achieve a dream that’s really a nightmare.

Some of us never have the opportunity of learning or seeing America for what it is, an old shit hole country that looks after some, oppresses others, and at times it oppresses us all. This system was constructed by the ancestors of the people who run and maintain it now.

People in policing always have options. The choose not to do good and be good.

“Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop” by Officer A. Cab https://link.medium.com/86Lti2ttv7

Skin is color has never been ancillary in America. Skin is only ancillary when/if we’re all treated equally. As long as we’re not, skin is a integral. Seeing my skin as ancillary is a privilege unfortunately I’ve never had. It’s a nice theory right now.

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