I understand it is a very complex issue. Law enforcement is an institution that is not going anywhere, can’t be destroyed, refuses to change, and and permeated with historical issues. The only way to fix it is to destroy it and start a new with a new, more diverse way of policing and perspectives. Since we both know the powers that will never allow this to happen, those employed in the system will always be forced to make the hard decision.

It’s no different than working on Wall Street or a Bank like Wells Fargo Bank. People go there knowing full well what it’s all about for the money, prestige, benefits, etc. The reputations of these institution’s precedes them, but people go on and join the ranks anyway. As long as people join despite the terrible reputation, then nothing will ever change. Some institutions are just no good structurally. The should be imploded and rebuilt. America policing falls into this category.

I realize in some areas law enforcement is the best employment op smoking and without a doubt, people will do what they must to provide for their families. But when you know an institution is corrupt, your co workers are corrupt, and you stay for decades, then you too walk away with blood-tinged hands. It’s unfortunate.

Thanks for your viewpoints. I have duly noted your positions. I argue a bunch at home too (lol). It gets pretty heated, but at the end of the day we both have valid views. I appreciate and value your respectful debate.

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