I understand what you’re saying, but I didn’t say all White people.

“ I know not all White people, but it’s so many that we can’t continue ignoring it.” I said not all White people third paragraph from the top.

Please don’t try to save White people. There is no difference between White racism and White bigotry. One drives the other. They are married and make White people react the same way. Their goal is always to protect Whiteness. You’re defending the indefensible. If you’re uncomfortable and can’t acknowledge how terrible this is then perhaps you really need to dig a little deeper. I’m happy White people voted for Biden, but on 40% of White voters did.

This situation is so much more complicated than I cared to flesh out in this essay, but the main point is that the majority of White people are not and have never been on the right side of history when we talk about oppression and civil rights for Black people.

Most, not all.

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