I understood what you meant and it made sense. It actually made me laugh and your point was valid.

I think I can honestly say I don’t recall anyone pinching my butt. Nothing life changing there. But I do remember having my breast groped by strangers or classmates…a lot. In middle through high school, in bars and clubs.

It’s humiliating. I remember it because I became self-conscious about my breast. I have had lots of things said and done to me that fall under the umbrella of assault, but I think most young guys don’t even remember all the hurtful stuff they have said or done to girls or women inappropriately (girls are huge sexual abusers too I know).

But for some modest gal, maybe a butt pinch was humiliating and degrading to her. All that matters is how she interpreted it. Some girls are taught by their fathers no one should touch them in appropriately, so a guy’s touch may have her conflicted and humiliated.

An unwanted to is an unwanted touch, no matter how minor the perpetrator believes it to be.

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