I used to work with ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) and I still work with Office of Violence Against Women, which includes transgender women. People don’t really know state and federal laws pertaining to sharing photos without permission, especially those containing nudity. All I’ll say is, I don’t put my electronic foot print on ANYTHING that can be considered illegal, stolen, considered porn of any kind and that could be get me jammed up in a court of law. It’s not safe. While social media sites are relaxed, all it takes is one person to report you shared something with the police and you have troubles you wouldn’t even believe.

Social media makes people lose their minds. People over share, people do spiteful things for revenge. My rule is if you don’t want it used against you in any way, do put it on the interwebs. Love you writing! You’re on my reading list. Gotta catch up.

Keep teaching!

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