I was a tad bit wet behind the ears too, but I was educated last year. Once it subsides you almost forget about it, but it’s pretty hard to miss these days. It’s constant, steady, and the comments are similar. The profiles are also similar.

Bots fairly easy to spot. They don’t target everyone or every topic. I agree with you, Medium is a partner, and this is a community. If we are doing our part as users, the host should be doing its part to keep us safe and free from bullying.

The racist comments we receive incite bad actors here in America, which is the intention of our nation’s enemies. Freedom of Speech isn’t free. Someone always pays for the freedom of others. Always. It seems the rights of Blacks are always infringed upon to make sure racists have theirs. Now our racists have the help of foreigners. I can only hope the site makes some effort to fix this ongoing problem. We must add Medium to the long list of sites to monitor for troll activity.

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