I was shocked when Moonlight won because it wasn’t a film about any White characters, and we weren’t whores, maids or slaves. Seems we are only recognized for stereotypical roles (i.e. bad men like Denzel in Training Day). I don’t even watch anymore. I wished the African American would step up and return to the days of old when we recognized our own because they weren’t going to recognize our work, our efforts or our skills.

We keep seeking accolades and acceptance from people who don’t have the ability to extend such to us. People create their own channels, networks, music, television shows and award shows to embrace their own culture and to celebrate their achievements in a manner that’s pleasing and supportive to the culture. Black people need to do the same. While it’s nice to have the approval of White entertainment community because their endorsement sometimes translates into better roles and more money, often times it does not.

Being Black in Hollywood and waiting for a top award is like being the disliked Black step-child/foster kid in a rich White family. You can keep hoping one day they will accept you, but it’s not likely. You try to hurry up and get out to escape the maltreatment. The scars run deep. Why do we keep allowing it to happen? Why do we need to be validated and accepted by them.

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