I was so out done with the disrespect and lack of support by the Press Corp in general with their support of racism and sexism. It’s what happens when the media and journalists are overwhelmingly White and removed from such micro and macroagressions.

Now, please check Broward County, FL and the sister that’s over the County’s Board of Elections- Dr. Brenda C. Snipes. Trump and Rick Scott basically berated her yesterday, and like clock work the White racists showed up at her office chanting “Lock Her Up.” She’s an older Black woman, who is suddenly being blamed for not sending the governor to Washington to take Bill Nelson’s Senate seat. But she’s the same Black woman of the Board of Election Office when Obama ran for President his second term and it took nearly 2 weeks for the votes to be counted and we heard not a peep from the GOP.

They have put this woman’s life in jeopardy, and the governor has sent the State Police to monitor her activities in vote counting! The new form of sicking dogs on Black people!

Can’t make this shit up! If people can’t see the reversing, they don’t want to see.

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