I was so sad reading this. We have been losing our ancestors and sadly there are few replacements to fill those shoes and gaps. Black people born after Jim Crow were sold desegragation and and integration, and many of us Black folks bought into the idea of going to school with Whites. We foolishly believe it would make things better for us and that they would suddenly change their behavior.

What we’re learning is that forced public education with Whites did nothing but make things more separate and unequal. Public education propagrandized all of us. I’m a firm believer that our education has done nothing but aid white supremacy, making life better for them for the next 2–3 generations. We’re all dumber because of it. We have no connection to real history, and we’re kept out of all the positions to make decisions about what we learn.

It’s an impossible system to navigate. We need our own education system like we had back in the old days. Jewish communities have an entire system funded in part by parents and is partly subsidized by the federal government in THEIR communities. So do other groups (i.e. Native Americans, Muslims, Evangelical Christians, Catholics). We are the only group insisting on being education in a system that wants to forget us.

Pretty crazy. We need to know how we constantly fight America to make her treat us fair, and how they beat us when we rebel. That should be a constant lesson until America is reformed. At the rate we’re going, that’s not going to happen unless we teach our own. Thank you for teaching young people about how America treats Black people, especially Black men. I’m really feeling fear about the lack of Black people not understanding this moment. We don’t see men like John Lewis anymore.

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