I was wondering why I don’t see my favs in my newsfeeds anymore, and why I get so many emails from Medium now. I think I am going to unsubscribe to many of the publications and only follow my favorite writers. It seems many of them are jumping ship to go to other platforms. I feel like writers are coming here to lure us outside of the platform, and that’s not what I want to do. To me it’s like chasing the new and latest social media site to play with. I cam here because I like the authenticity minus ads. But the featured member stories I only read if I’m interested (or if any of my favorite writers happen to be featured). Medium also has a diversity problem like the mainstream publishing industry in general. Some weeks I feel like I am reading Vanity Fair or a Men Journal Magazine.

I like Medium, but it’s not very lucrative. It buys coffee. As long as I stay in the black with my monthly membership, I’m cool. I wish there were better alternatives now, but the way things are going, this is one of the few places to get truth. Thanks for your insight and education. I need to lower my expectations.

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