I will say we all know these weirdos, abusers and pervs early, when they are young. We go to school with them, they are our children fathers, uncles, brothers and cousins. We are the first ones sometimes to see and her the inappropriate things men do, and yet we dip and dodge it as if it is going to go away. We make these monsters bigger by not telling on them earlier. You see your sadistic cousin or brother setting curtains on fire or killing your pets.

But guess what? He’s also smart, perhaps wealthy/affluent, good looking, and charming/charismatic. All the makings of a serial sexual predator or serial abuser right in our homes, and we don’t say anything! Maybe it’s a close friend or a relative. We ladies know this dude is weird and makes your hair stand up on your arms…but we fail to warn anyone. Parents know their children best, and there are a lot of parents (especially wealthy, normal parents) who are aware they have abnormal, sexually deviant sons!

We women allow these types of boys and men to escape punishment by minding our own business as long as we aren’t injured by our loved ones. Each time these men escape and get and blanket covering from family, friends, colleagues (or when we turn a blind eye to their inappropriate behavior), these men and boys grow stronger. They become more horrible, more violent, and/or more abusive.

They are our priests, teachers, athletes, pastors, and other prominent people in our communities.

We women (moms,friends,) cover for them. We women (classmates, best friends) ignore them. We women protect them (girlfriends, sisters, wives). We all know at least one creepy crawly we have come in contact with. Sometimes we fear them. And in some instances in spite all we know, we marry them (speaking from very personal experience). Women have lots of power. We just use it selectively.

There is a lot we women can do. It starts with opening our mouths, pulling back the curtains back, and talking about what we see and what we know about perverts and abusers and serial predators BEFORE these types of men grow up to become Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly and any other man suspected, accused, and sometimes convicted of inappropriate sexually abusive behaviors.

We women could save a lot of innocent people if we would stop aiding and abetting sexual deviants, including those who are in our families and those who have not been convicted of a crime. Those people aren’t just dropping on earth out of space. They have families. Families who keep their secrets!

There are far more pervs among us who have never been convicted of a sex crime than on the sex offender registry, and that’s scary.

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