I wish I could give this a million claps. It explains why I can never forgive racist asking for forgiveness — because the act of asking for forgiveness is simply that, an act.

You laid it all other there for us to get. It’s an act. This is a painful, eye-opening, emotional read. All Black people in America need to read this. We are giving forgiveness passes without looking at the villain/protagonist in this play called living in America. These people are predictable, and you lay it all out for the entire world to get.

After reading this, my heart aches, I feel anger for being subjected to the gaslighting and lies, and how people like Northam always seem to be redeemed. They always get second chances. They always have the privilege or changing the narratives to suit their needs. It’s disheartening.

But after this read…I will NEVER look at the theatrics of apologies the same ever again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to lay this piece out. You make readers think. You cause us to recall the same old play with different actors over and over and over again. You bring us the truth!

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