I wish I felt as good as you do about today, but I don’t. I looked at my ceiling stewing all night.

Andrew Gillum didn’t win. White people, as usual, said one thing and did another. Yet again, they can’t seem to trust a Black person to lead, even when the White one is terribly flawed and offers absolutely no good reason for running for office. We’re good enough to serve… but never lead.

Additionally, exit polls showed 20% of Black women here voted for Desantis, cosigning Trump’s and Desantis’ racism (WTF). I can’t believe this. I am frustrated, disappointed, and tired of White people choosing wrong and racism/hate over the right thing and love. I’m tired of stupid people. Stupid people thinking these folks are going to do something for them. I’m tired of stupid people thinking these folks worship the same God they believe in. They don’t. Their god is money and capitalism. A Black woman working for someone and believing in the GOP’s platform is a damn tornado fool!

White people only tolerated Obama because he was light-skinned had a White mother, White grand parents, and a White upbringing. Had he been like Andrew Gillum, he would have never been elected. And that’s the truth. Obama was palatable for most Whites because of these factors. He was less threatening. Still Black, but not the untrustworthy kinda Black.

Stacy Abrams is fighting against cheating, gerrymandering, voter purging, and a governor who refuses to adhere to the law. Yet again, a Black woman is fighting patriarchy, White privilege, an evil White man, voter suppression, and racism, and it seems to weigh on me heavily. Yet again, a sister is carrying so many on her shoulders, fighting for the right to cast a vote, fighting for change, and the world seems to not give a shit. She’s as qualified if not more qualified, yet Whites proudly got on television and made all types of stereotypical comments about her, ignoring all voter suppression tactics to just get a White man as their leader.

Georgia and Florida let me down. They dashed all of my hopes for a new South. It’s the same in my opinion. Lots of White women made gains last night. And while that’s cool, to me, it’s part of the problem. Women of color must always wait their turns, if we get a turn at all.

I felt there wouldn’t be a Blue wave, and it wasn’t. Most White people are as predictable as a fart, they will stick with White, even when it ain’t right! The Dems got a house back. That’s nice. I hope they don’t fuck this up! Somehow, I see it not even making a difference. The same White men are in the Senate. Another day, more cheating, more White privilege, and more patriarchy.

I’m disheartened. I’m angry. I’m tired. I’m dejected. I’m not optimistic anymore, I quit that trend in 2008. I’m a realist. I see America for what it truly is. Most of us will never see the change we want, because those in power keep making obstacles for change agents of color. I can’t trust America will do right by people of color.

And that’s how I feel right now. Sighs…………..

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