I wish I knew love! It just made me thing about how I felt on the elevator. And even though I was profiling the young men, I would never stop them from enjoying their space, even to my own eventual detriment. These days I am cognizant of everything — and sadly angry and impatient White men who seem sometimes to just want to have a reason in Florida to start shit.

Even on the road men are just always acting a fool. It’s this hostile environment we live in today. Trump is the worst thing that could have happened to America. Before that it was the Tea Party and Mitch McConnell. These people will be dead and gone and their remnants of the shit they’ve started will still be living on. The doctor told my dad he should have never owned a business or ever tried to supervise people with his personality disorder.

The same applies with Trump. When he finishes, people will be looking back to say he should have never held office or ran a business. He isn’t fit to. Unfortunately, we all are suffering and the people following him are making life bad for the rest of us who aren’t. We are more divided than we’ve ever been. I don’t see it getting any better

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