I worked as a rape crisis center director in a college town and it was an eye opening experience. I had this same scenario happen twice on my watch. One of the White ladies was flunking out of school, had wasted her dads money abd needed a timely end of the semester diversion/false accusation to keep the truth from being revealed.

My staff and the police eventually poked holes in her story and she admitted the truth, but not before getting the football player kicked off the team and his name smeared.

The other was a situation where a White girl had consensual group sex with Black football players…and they talked about it in vulgar detail on Facebook back when only college kids could access it. Our local crime beat reporter got a scoop the chick was lying and used his “borrowed” college email address to discover the truth, but again not before the Black athletes were smeared and booted from team.

Our staff spent time and resources caring for two unremorseful liars. No charges were pressed on the two women, but they were expelled from the college. This White girl lied because she was humiliated and embarrassed. She also had a White boyfriend who didn’t want his white princess to be tainted with Black sausage.

At the time my sons were in middle school and were athletes. My experiences totally changed my conversations with my boys. In addition to the police talk, they got the “ambitious White girls lie-be wary” and “sexual consent” talks.

Yes. ..they are an ever present danger. Black parents should also give that talk to their sons too. Engaging the wrong ones will get a brother jammed up every time. Thanks for the heads up. It’s true and not discussed enough. We are not a post racial America.

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