Men run everything. White men in America dominate every system from top to bottom, and they always have. Banking, housing, public education, agriculture, politics, law enforcement, the criminal justice systems, the Supreme Court, corporate America, Silicone Valley, the automotive industry.

White men lead most corporate boardrooms, and they drive how we women respond in our bedrooms.

White men cheat to keep us (especially Black people) disenfranchised with gerrymandering, redlining, voter roll scrubs, voter intimidation, and redistricting. Even when the courts find they did cheat, they never lose anything. The just have to put it back like it was, but they never lose seats, they never lose representation, and they never lose the White men they worked hard to secure/protect. But we always lose. We’ve lost so much we can’t even county anymore.

White men (and holly roller White women) control our reproductive health. Meanwhile, they won’t fund foster care, group homes, orphanages, or after care properly for all the little bastards they save! Yea pro-life!

Then, these macho crying ass White men need to have all the guns and gun rights in the world to protect their dirty little asses because they’ve done so much dirt, they are always afraid of revenge. Somebody’s always coming to do something to White men (and women), but they seem to always be the ones fucking with already defenseless people.

What in the fuck are men actually fearing? Absolutely nothing. They are greedy , dominating haters. They need to take inventory of the facts, and ask themselves why do they feel the need to control everything, and why do they insist on hoarding all of the power and resources so that no one else can exist, in peace.

There is no war on men. Men have just perfected psychological warfare on us is all. It’s as much a physical fight as it is psychological. That’s the war women and people of color need to be figuring out and fighting. By the time they show us their cards…we’re already too late! Stop being emotional ladies and think like men.

It’s the only way we can beat them!

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