I would have to say learning how to clean and do chores starts at home. If your parents (especially your mom) didn’t make you the man someone would appreciate in the way of teaching you chores and child rearing in a equitable fashin, you can’t blame society for that!

I taught my sons how to do everything I knew how to do. Cook, sew, dishes, babysit each other, work, clean the bathrooms, decorate, bake. I didn’t want them to marry anyone because they needed a woman and I certainly did not want them to be a burden for their partner or wife (from personal experience).

I raised sons to be men someone would see value in. I didn’t want their wife to see them as another child/chore. That’s how I always felt about my ex-husband and I resented it. Parents should do a better job of teaching their sons to see child rearing and housekeeping as life skills. We all need to know how to do these things if we’re walking that green mile.

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