I wouldn’t say stay out of stuff, I’d say choose your battles wisely. Don’t chime in when all the comments are from Black people talking about Black issues and say something about White people. Or if Black people have a common feeling, resentment, etc. in a thread or conversation, don’t try to persuade them that what they feel is wrong.

Like telling Black people to vote blue no matter what without taking inventory of their concerns, disenfranchisement, perspectives, etc. Too often White people will try advise us how to vote (which comes across as saving) at the wrong time or on the wrong subjects because they don’t have a full understanding of how voter disenfranchisement and redistricting as it relates to Black voters, civil rights, and Southern Strategy politics. We watch time and time again systems neglect us, all while Whites are happy and chipper because they are being recognized by the media, pollsters, party officials, etc.

Don’t see pollsters going to any city spots in Baltimore or Oakland, California to ask them who they are voting for or why do you?

It’s having an awareness while understanding how all these different systems impact us. It really is different for us and it has been for so long. Most White people don’t know because they don’t have enough Black friends to talk about this kind of stuff with. The more allies learn, the more silent they become because they learn in ALL things American there is inequality. We appreciate when allies can empathize with us. Sometimes, there is really nothing for you to add.

Understand the view without trying to offer a solution that isn’t going to work because our systems and institutions are partial, unfair, and unjust. Just understanding or chiming in on what you’ve learned about the subject at hand is what should happen.

But when people will say something thinking their helping when they aren’t. It’s not the messenger, it’s the message. Because the messenger has a deficit, the message seems insensitive.

So often when White people try to speak, they often come across as condescending because they don’t know OUR history. It’s a journey. Try not to be frustrated or offended. You don’t know what you don’t know, but in order to be an ally, you must learn about how different things are for a lot of people who aren’t White.

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