If God Is Real

If God is real, then why does he allow bad leaders to rule over us, and why do we have to wait for heavenly rewards why bad rulers are rewarded and not punished here on earth.

If God is real, why does he allow little girls to be married off to old nasty men by their fathers for money and livestock, raped by mobs in India, have their genitals mutilated, or killed by their fathers in honor killings?

If God is real, and we are created in his image, does this mean he’s really not a good person? Does he have good days and bad days? Is he a racist? If men on earth are your reflection, you’re not looking too good right now.

If God is real and He knows all things, why doesn’t he stop men from dropping bombs, prevent famines, stop dumb men from leading us into uninhabitable places, stop men from withholding our pay, and other disasters that can be prevented?

If God is real, how does he love the world and hate the world at the same time?

If God is real, is supposed to come when you want him to, but he’s always right on time, does that imply he didn’t want to stop innocent men, women, and children from dying in Iraq, did he not want to stop the Hurricane from destroy Puerto Rico or St. Kitts, and does he mean to not ever give the people of Haiti a break? Is that God ever going to be on time rescue the children starving in Syria, the girls in Nigeria being kidnapped Boko Haram, or the people starving to death in the bottoms of New Orleans?

If God is real, and vengeance is his, why is it that he seems to be light on vengeance for the crimes committed via colonialism, White collar crimes, slavery, corporations stealing our wages, and politicians stealing money from their hard-working citizens for personal gains?

If God is real, and all things belong to him, why does he seem to give all the stuff to the rich and well to do? Is there anything for the regular folks?

If God is real and we are his children, why doesn’t he take care of us better? Why does he allow life to be so unequal and unfair? Why does he not give us the knowledge to break free from our oppression and our oppressors? Why doesn’t he protect us as an earthly father would? Why are we hungry? Why are we homeless? Why does he allow his children to poison each other? Why does he allow his so-called kids to take things that don’t belong to them?

If God is real, why does he allow us to be filled up with hope, wasting our time, and getting our hopes up only to be let down?

If God is real, why must the beautiful world he created be destroyed by the children he says he so loves? They sound like pretty bad kids to me. Why did he teach them any better? Why are they so hard-headed and stubborn? Why are his children so greedy?

If God is real, and he cares about me, then why does he care if I’m loved on earth by a man or woman? Why is okay for a man to mistreat me? If one of his female children can love and treat me better than one of his male children, why would he deprive me of this love? If he wants the best for us, shouldn’t he know already some his children aren’t “the best” for us?

If God is real, why does he allow his children to teach the world the way they should be living while they live contrary to their (and his) teachings?

If God is real, then why are some of his children important while others are not? Why is worship segregated? Why are lighter-skinned/Whiter children more “blessed” than others? Why must darker-skinned children toil far more for far less? Why does this God “the Father” have favorites?

This God they speak of might need a parenting class. A lot of his children are terrible.

Marley, January 2019

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | www.marleyisms.com | www.ko-fi.com/marleyk | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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