If that is what you got from the essay you totally missed the point. It’s not to exclude anyone from history, it’s to shine light on groups who are the bedrocks of this nation, yet overlooked. There would be no democracy without these two distinct ethnic groups, and EVERY SINGLE GROUP the has immigrated to the states and succeeded did so on the backs of these two groups. I don’t have privilege, I wish I did. How much privilege do you have, and how did you attain it? Likely on the backs of these two groups.

If you are in America, and you are engaging in democracy, you are doing so on the backs of African Americans and Native American Indian trauma. Failing to acknowledge such is also privilege. Anytime we start talking about these two groups, Whiteness essentially comes to steal it’s thunder. It’s as if we cannot exist unless we are forgotten or erased. Your allegation that “I look privileged” without taking inventory of yourself, your history (if you’re American” and your contributions is privilege. It’s as if Black or Native men rise, the White man (or other White passing ethnic group) must fall. God forbid someone say look at Blacks or Native Americans. The Holocaust didn’t happen in America. That’s my story and I am sticking to it! And that’s not privilege, it’s a fact.

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